Future MOVE Training Tool


We present a curriculum for Sport for Development and the SDGs in a Danish context. The curriculum shows a selection of content and sequence on Sport for development and the SDGs at the Gerlev Folk High School.

Gerlev is an internationally-oriented folk high school in Denmark with a significant number of international students.

Gerlev is the joy of movement!

At Gerlev School sport and movement are for everyone, beginners as well as experienced athletes. The School offers an exploratory, courageous, and innovative approach to subjects and teaching, which ensures everyone meets a professional and social development that is unique to Gerlev.

A curriculum for Sport for Development and the SDGs

In 2022, Gerlev started developing a curriculum linked to the Sustainable Development Goals.

WHY Gerlev Folk High School is addressing the SDGs?

In the following video, Frederik Ullerup, Principal at Gerlev Sports Academy, presents the concept of the educational system at the Folk School and explains why it matters to train students to create dialogue, practice active citizenship and take responsibility in society. He highlights as well the goal of the Future Move project concerning Sustainable Development Goals and gives concrete actionable examples of how to work with and towards them.

HOW Gerlev Folk High School is addressing the SDG?

In this video, Martin Lykkegaard and Sine Dammeyer, teachers at Gerlev Sports Academy, introduce the topics they work on with their students such as culture of togetherness, body culture, sexuality and gender, and inner development goals showing how they are applied in student's daily life and how the students are engaged in open discussion on these issues.

SDGs in Gerlev Folk High School