Ready, set, learn: Future MOVE project launches Sport for Development and SDGs Curriculum

By Manal Najah, ISCA

Within the framework of the Future Move project, ISCA and Gerlev joined forces to develop a curriculum for Sport for Development and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in a Danish and international context, which will be tested by 540 Danish students in Gerlev. The curriculum shows a selection of content and sequence on Sport for development and the SDGs at the Gerlev Folk High School including situational analyses; learning objectives; tips and tricks, activities, strategies, and teaching methods, and it is now officially released as a training tool on the project’s website.

Delve into interesting subjects within the curriculum, ranging from the Culture of Togetherness and Body and Culture to Sex and Sexuality, Gender, Inner Development, Sustainable Gardening – and there are more to come. Each topic is defined and explained, highlighting its importance. Through the curriculum, you will discover Gerlev’s unique methodology, the connection to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and gain insights from students’ perspectives. Moreover, you'll find insightful tips and tricks for each topic to enhance your understanding.

To shed light on why Gerlev Folk High School is addressing the SDGs, Frederik Ullerup, the principal at Gerlev Sports Academy, highlights the school's commitment to equipping students with the skills needed for constructive dialogue, active citizenship, and societal responsibility. He emphasises that Gerlev, as a sports academy, not only focuses on honing sports skills but also on developing well-rounded individuals who contribute positively to society. The international collaboration in the Future MOVE project is a source of pride for Frederik, who sees it as an opportunity to share the Danish Folk high school tradition across Europe. By integrating SDGs into their pedagogical approach, Gerlev aims to expand students’ knowledge while providing concrete examples of how to work towards sustainable development goals.

Addressing the question of how Gerlev Folk High School is actively addressing SDGs, teachers Martin Lykkegaard and Sine Dammeyer delve into the specific topics covered with students.

Martin explains that, through the Future MOVE project, they have developed four key topics aligned with youth culture, including the culture of togetherness, body culture, sexuality and gender, and inner development goals. Sine adds that the bonded community at Gerlev, where students live, eat, clean, travel, and party together, makes the theme of togetherness a constant and relevant aspect of their experience.

Physical activity is incorporated into the curriculum to enhance the connection between the discussed themes and the students' bodies. The sequence of topics, starting with the culture of togetherness, aims to set a framework for communal living at the school, followed by discussions on the body, sex and sexuality, and gender perceptions.

The ultimate goal is to cultivate in students a sense of curiosity, openness, mutual respect, and understanding, empowering them to engage in discussions about vulnerable and challenging topics. Through this holistic approach, Gerlev seeks to graduate individuals equipped with the courage to navigate societal complexities and contribute positively to the world beyond the academy.

We hope the curriculum will spark some inspiration for you!

Access the Future MOVE curriculum and training tool here

Photos: Gerlev Folk High School

Posted on 23/01/2024 by Manal Najah, ISCA