Restoring planet wellbeing and securing personal wellbeing at the same time

By Mogens Kirkeby, ISCA President

It is obvious that restoring the planet’s wellbeing needs action. This reality is quite clear and, especially for the younger generations, the task can be quite overwhelming. Experiencing a major global challenge with potentially dramatic consequences for one’s future life can be a stressful burden to carry – especially if you do not have a clear and relevant framework for action.

Future MOVE tries to provide a relevant framework for action where we combine the task of restoring the planet’s wellbeing with securing personal wellbeing. The project targets schools and civil society sport organisations and provides tools that give directions for meaningful, personal and collective actions. It builds on the concept of individual actions leading to collective solutions and using principles from behaviour design. 

Get on track – not lost!
Each citizen has an individual responsibility to assist in achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. However, no one has the capacity to work on all SDGs or achieve them alone. The Future MOVE concept gives suggestions for individual and collective actions, which can both improve personal and planet wellbeing. It is about choosing doable actions that are relevant and useful in your personal life – today and tomorrow – and for the planet’s wellbeing in the long-term. 

Choose your element – choose your goal!
The sport sector and the life within and around it can be complex. The Future MOVE concept suggests to divide the actions of improving sustainability between the three major building blocks of the sector. We can divide the sport sector into ‘Hardware’, ‘Software’, ‘Orgware’. Hardware is the facilities and the equipment. Software is the programme, guidance and teaching. And Orgware is the various ways in which we can organise activities. A division between these three elements can make it easier to identify where your actions are most meaningful and have a positive impact on personal wellbeing and planet wellbeing. It makes it easier to choose your element and choose your goals.

Future MOVE is a guide for sport organisations and schools that want to address the question of improving sustainability both through and in sport. It is a concept to encourage immediate personal action and longer-term awareness raising of two major challenges for many young people – personal and planet wellbeing.

Posted on 05/03/2024 by Mogens Kirkeby, ISCA President